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Weekly Recap #21: 12th grade is almost over and I wore a sari!

This was a long, long week and it’s finally over so let’s recap it.


I finally read a book that has been on my TBR since forever – My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga. It was beautiful ❤ I also read The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu which I found in a recommendation video on YouTube and immediately bought the eBook version. It was fantastic! I highly recommend. Will review it soon! I started Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas and well, it’s okay so far but I’m not that into it yet. Still reading In The Hope of Memories by Olivia Rivers. It is a good story but I was just not in the mood this week. :/


Still watching Pretty Little Liars and 2 Broke Girls. They’re both great! I Marlene King, the creator of PLL is going to launch another show called Famous in Love soon so that’s exciting! I love her shows. I’m also SUPER EXCITED for the Thirteen Reasons Why Netflix thing (not sure if it’s a show or a movie) which Selena Gomez is producing ❤ AND SHE ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK! The book really moved me and I’m hoping for the same from the show.


I got my pre board papers this week. They weren’t too great and I am in no way prepared for the board exams I have soon. I’m nervous and terrified. I have so much anxiety about exams and college that I’m so happy there’s only a few months to go.

On a happier note, this week was my school’s farewell party! It was on Thursday and the colour code was Black and Neon. All of us girls wore saris and took 8 million pictures to document the one time we didn’t look homeless. xD My friend and I wrote a poem about the teachers, which they all loved! (I made about 3 Chemistry puns :P) There were a bunch of ‘awards’ that the school gave out. Some were ‘The Sleeping Beauty Award’ for the people who doze off in class, ‘The Kanhaiya Award’ for the boys who get brozoned most xD, ‘The Drama Queen Award’ which my friend won (Hi Shreya :P), ‘The Dabbang Award’ for the kids that act too cool for school and a lot more! I won the Good Samaritan Award because I am nice. 😛 However, I was in the bathroom when they called my name so I didn’t get a picture taken of me winning it haha. Though school was stressful and annoying at times, I am going to miss it a lot. 🙂

I’m attaching a few pictures of the event because like I mentioned, it’s one of the few times I didn’t look homeless 😛 Ten points to anyone who correctly guesses which one I am! I didn’t get any pictures alone :/

I have a really nice picture of my friend and I reciting our poem but it was on the podium which has my school’s name on it and although I know none of you are psycho stalker/murderers I feel a bit weird sharing that here haha.


A little side note – This is the last weekly update I’m going to post because not enough is happening in my life right now so these posts are pretty boring. Also, the main reason I started this was to get over my blogging slump and post regularly which I am kind of doing so far. I’m going to start doing Bi-weekly updates so see you after two weeks! 🙂


How has your week been? What are you reading right now? Does/did your school have a farewell party to celebrate the end of your schooling? If you’re Indian, did you wear a sari to your farewell too?


8 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #21: 12th grade is almost over and I wore a sari!

      1. Yup same haha, I think we talked about this 😛
        Came here in 11th and I’m happy it’s almost over. I’ll miss my friends and maybe a few teachers but not the school as a whole 😄

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