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Sequel Syndrome: The new epidemic!

Hi everyone! Today, I want to talk about something that I’ve noticed a lot in book series.


While the first book may be totally awesome, the successive books don’t live up to the mark that the first one made. Sometimes the publishers try to stretch out a book into a series and it does not work. The first book sets up a potentially amazing story but the later books just don’t deliver. I find it really hard to DNF series because if I liked the first book, I’m already somewhat attached to the characters so I continue reading to find out what happens to them. If you are on the hedge about whether to continue or discontinue a series, don’t worry, I got you. In this post, I’m going to talk about some series that unfortunately suffer from the dreadful sequel syndrome and I did not enjoy beyond the first book(s). Image result for divergent trilogy

The first book is great. The second book was bad. The third book is horrible. Everything was so random and just. Why.

Image result for throne of glass series

This is a series that I really loved in the start but from Heir of Fire, I got a bit bored. There are so many characters and a love pentagon that’s going nowhere. The plot is all sorts of crazy right now. I haven’t read Empire of Storms yet, but HoF and QoS were very disappointing.

Image result for the maze runner trilogy

I do not like this series at all. The first book was still somewhat interesting but The Scorch Trials was SO BORING. And The Death Cure was TERRIBLE.

Image result for uglies trilogy

The first book of this series was really good and the concept of this dystopia was very interesting. THE REST OF THIS SERIES WAS NOT. So much random stuff kept happening and it was just. bad.

Image result for anna and the french kiss series

I’m in a minority in this, but I enjoyed the first book most and the second book least. Lola was just so boring. Isla was so insecure. The first book sets up this really cute vibe but the following books fail to deliver. :/

Image result for the selection series

As a whole, this series is okay. But each book is just too short. It feels like one book stretched out into three. The ending is just really weird and America Singer is the most frustrating character EVER.


What are some books you think suffer from sequel syndrome?


14 thoughts on “Sequel Syndrome: The new epidemic!

  1. Interesting, I don’t know about the other series (planning to read the Throne of Glass books) but my friends who read Westerfeld’s Uglies series totally loved it. But what you are saying seems to be an issue with the YA dystopian fantasy subgenre. I never had such disappointments with the epic fantasy and grimdark books I have been reading. In fact it gets better and better with each sequel. Mark Lawrence, Joe Abercrombie, Robin Hobb, R. Scott Bakker, Robert Jordan, Michael R. Fletcher, Michael Moorcock, R.A Salvatore (at least the first few Drizzt series) are some good examples. They get only better with each new book.

    The only sequel syndrome cases I can name are the second set of Amber books by Roger Zelazny, and the Riftwar books after rise of the merchant prince by Raymond E. Feist. First 5 books of Amber were awesome, the next 5 (sequel series) were boring as hell and I couldn’t finish it. With the Riftwar, it was amazing for the first 10 books, became barely readable and eventually boring as hell after book 13.


  2. I agree with most of the choices I’ve read except TOG I like the latter books because they have Manon my favorite character. But I do agree about the romance not I big fan of that either. I like America but I agree that the books are to short and the ending wasn’t done well. I have the same feeling about the Anna And the French Kiss books and Divergent.

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    1. I made a series of 7 blog posts listing YA fantasy books with no love triangles and very little or no romance. I can’t stand teen drama and romance as main plot in fantasy, I can tolerate it only if it’s very minor.


  3. TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS! (Aside from TOG, and I haven’t finished THE SELECTION and ANNA…) I did prefer the later TOG books compared to the original, but I didn’t even finish the DIVERGENT series. Another one I’ve heard of (I’ve only read the first book and I’m still debating whether I should carry on!) is MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN, which would be a shame because the first was great.

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    1. Maybe check out Anna – the first book is really cute! (Also Paris ❀)
      The TOG series has really mixed reviews! Some people love it and others do not. I’m debating whether I should continue with the series because one of my friends adored it and said it was far better than QoS and HoF.
      Divergent… I just didn’t understand what all the hype was about…
      I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about Miss Peregrine’s too! I want to read it sometime cos I think the concept is interesting. πŸ˜€

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      1. I’ve read ANNA but I haven’t carried on with the series yet! I’m hoping to this summer haha!
        I’ve read up to QOS but I preferred the ACOTAR series. I already have EOS though so I’ll read that sometime.
        Neither. Apparently the movies weren’t good either.
        The concept is so good! I love collecting vintage postcards and photographs too so it really appealed to me. πŸ˜€

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      2. Hope you enjoy it! They’re perfect summer reads πŸ˜€
        I just read ACOTAR recently and it was AMAZING! I liked it so much more than TOG. I’m excited to start ACOMAF soon.
        I saw the first Divergent movie and it was okay. I lost interest in the books from the second one so I never bothered to watch the second film πŸ˜› Didn’t they completely mess up the plot?

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      3. I’m really excited for ACOWAR!
        I haven’t actually seen the Divergent film! I forced myself through Insurgent, the book, but got so confused and I was so uninterested I can’t even remember if I finished it or not. πŸ˜›

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