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Bookish Boys Who I Wish Were My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones (or by yourself because self-love is the best love)

I, for the 17th time in my 17 years, do not have a valentine this V-Day (somebody please love me). But after all these years of reading books, I’ve just accepted that no one in real life will ever be as good as the fictional boys in books that I’ve read about. Some of these fictional characters have just raised my expectations insaaanely high. Bookish boys are literally written to be imperfectly perfect and they cause me all the heartache that no real boy will ever cause. (Tbh, I’m way more invested in fictitious lives than reality – it’s a problem) In my head, I am in committed relationships with a lot of them (Yes, I am mentally a polygamist :P) and I decided to share them with you!


Jace Herondale (/Lightwood/Morgenstern/Wayland – who even keeps track anymore?)

Image result for dom sherwood as jace smiling gif

Will Herondale

Image result for will herondale quotes

Simon Lewis

Image result for simon lewis gif

Percy Jackson

Image result for percy jackson gif smile

Leo Valdez

Image result for leo valdez quotes

Peeta Mellark

Image result for peeta mellark gif

Chaol Westfall

Image result for chaol westfall quotes

Levi Stewart

Image result for levi fangirl quotes

Frank Porter

Image result for frank since you've been gone quotes

Fred and George

Image result for fred and george gif



Prince Kai


I love all of these characters so much and would want them all to exist pls can that happen???


Which bookish character would you like to be your valentine?

PS- The asymmetry of the header will forever be a source of discontentment in my life.


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