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Books I Wanted To Love But Did Not. </3

I missed out on last week’s Top Ten Tuesday and since this week the lovely girls at The Broke and the Bookish are taking a very well deserved hiatus from this feature, I thought this would be a good time to share my list on last week’s topic. These are the books that I went into with high hopes but didn’t like them as much as I thought I would.

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Image result for uglies series by scott westerfeld

Carrie Hope Fletcher recommended this in one of her videos and I usually love all of her recommendations but this was such a disappointment. I somewhat liked book one, but it all went downhill from the next one. There is so much random terminology that is really irritating to read. I actually bought the entire series but then gave all the books away to make room for better ones.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Series by Jenny Han

Image result for the summer i turned pretty series

I ADORE To All The Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han – I think it’s the cutest story and I love everything about it. This series too has glowing reviews so I went into it with some pretty high expectations but I absolutely HATED this. It was awful. Belly is the single most irritating character I have ever read. I wanted to punch her in the face multiple times

The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

Image result for the red pyramid

Rick Riordan is one of my all time favourite authors so I feel guilty mentioning him on this list but I have to. I have only read the first book of this series and nope nope nope I have had enough. This doesn’t have Rick’s amazing characters with their sarcastic voices and Egyptian mythology is really interesting but it was not explained well at all. Some scenes were just so random! It dragged on to the point of being really boring so I never continued on with the series. My friend told me she liked the second book better but I don’t really remember much of the first one and I have since given this book away so I can’t even reread it, nor do I have any desire to.

A Darker Shade of Magic by V E Schwab

Image result for a darker shade of magic

I am definitely a black sheep in this but before you all come at me with your knives – I didn’t hate this. The concept and the world were really cool and I liked Kell and Lila a lot. But I found the writing quite hard to get into. With all the hype that it got, I had very high expectations which left me feeling incredibly underwhelmed.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Image result for everything everything

I read this when it just came out and literally everyone gave it a 5 star rating but I just didn’t see it? Now, a lot of people are talking about how the representation of disability is quite problematic but when it just came out, I didn’t want to be the first (and seemingly only) person with a negative opinion on it. I also thought I didn’t know enough about SCID to have an informed opinion about how it is represented in the story. But even disability aside, I felt like this book was very rushed and the ending so unsatisfying.

Looking For Alaska by John Green

Image result for looking for alaska

This was my second John Green novel after TFIOS and I was so underwhelmed. I did like the writing and I found the characters interesting but the overall story just didn’t make that much sense to me? I didn’t get any profound meaning that this story was trying to convey at all.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Image result for delirium lauren oliver

I touched upon this in a previous post but I want to mention it here again because it’s definitely fitting. I wanted to love this, I did not. I would have loved it had I read it a few years ago but at this point in time, this can be classified as a book that I wanted to like but did not.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Image result for harry potter cursed child

I wanted to love this. I wanted to devour every page of this second chance we got to go back to the Wizarding World. I wanted to savour every second at Hogwarts. This was such a disappointment. I didn’t hate it, as a lot of people did but I definitely enjoyed it less than I thought I would. I found the story very problematic, and with a lot of continuity issues. I loved Scorpius but every other new character was pretty shit.

The Boy Most Likely To by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Image result for the boy most likely to

I loved My Life Next Door so immediately picked the sequel up. I really didn’t like this one. The story was headed to a weird place, I didn’t really like the characters that much, it was just not good. At all.

Miss Mayhem by Rachel Hawkins

Image result for miss mayhem

This is the second book of the Rebel Belle series and such a disappointment after the epicness of book one. It’s a bridge book between the first and third but because this was so underwhelming, I haven’t gotten around to reading the last book yet. The first book was fun and badass, with witty banter and a whole lot of action. This one however, was just a series of nothings. :/


What are some books you wanted to love but let you down?


6 thoughts on “Books I Wanted To Love But Did Not. </3

  1. I read the whole Cursed Child; I started out feeling like that 10 year old who just got her first copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (many moons ago), but that quickly evaporated. It felt like I was reading a fanfiction that got so popular that someone had to publish it. Disappointment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I understand exactly how you feel!
      It started off strong, very reminiscent of Hogwarts but then it got weird.
      It felt very much like fan fiction and that’s what I’m going to be considering it as.
      On a happier note, the Fantastic Beasts movie was great so if you want to get back to the Wizarding World, that’s a much better choice than Cursed Child!


    1. Yeah I understand what you’re saying. With John Green books, his characters are usually really great but sometimes I don’t understand what the point of the whole story is?
      I’m gonna pretend like Cursed Child never happened. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

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