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A Court of Mist and Fury Discussion

If you read my discussion on ACOTAR, you know how apprehensive I was about this being like Throne of Glass with a weird love triangle and all that. I’m happy to say that there is no love triangle – Tamlin is so not in the running anymore, nor will he ever be again! There is no competition at all, Rhys is everything.

I am probably the last person on the blogosphere to read this book but if you haven’t and are unsure about continuing on with this series after book one, like I was, here are some reasons why you should:

  • The Night Court is beautiful
  • Rhysand
  • The side characters in this book are so complex and interesting and add a lot more to the story
  • Rhyand and Feyre are fantastic
  • There is so much more to this world than what we saw in book one – a lot of epic stuff happens here that you don’t want to miss out on, trust me
  • The history of this world is so fascinating and we learn a lot more about it which is awesome
  • Did I mention Rhysand?

I encourage you to pick this up when you can, it’s fantastic! Now I’m going to get into the details of this book so don’t read on if you haven’t read ACOMAF yet.


The book started off with Feyre living with Tamlin in the Spring Court and all the preparations for their wedding. Immediately, I could sense that Feyre had started having apprehensions about their relationship but she felt like she couldn’t because of how much she had done to save him and their love. I love that PTSD was incorporated into this book – it reminded me a bit of Katniss in the start of Catching Fire. Feyre had gone through a lot under the hill with Amarantha so it was natural for her to feel some repercussions of that.

In ACOTAR, we saw Tamlin as a hero, someone who was ready to sacrifice anything for his court’s prosperity. I didn’t have any strong feelings about him because we didn’t get to see him a lot and he didn’t have much personality. Through this book, we saw a side of him that was most definitely absent in book one. I was horrified to see how mercilessly he treated the members of his court during Tithe when they were supposed to offer something to the High Lord as cess. He’s a control freak who tried to micromanage Feyre’s entire life and kept her caged inside his castle. He was so unsympathetic towards her and couldn’t see how badly she was affected by her experiences. Feyre is also a recently turned Fae with several new abilities that she doesn’t know about and can’t control but Tamlin’s solution was to simply repress them. What the heck? He’s such an insensitive, controlling character who had no redeeming qualities! It could be argued that he did it all out of love but he didn’t – he didn’t even care about what Feyre felt, it was all about him and his position as High Lord and how she would help him politically. In this book I also began to question whether their relationship was actually out of love or merely convenience to break the curse? At one point there’s a reference to the time Under The Mountain when Tamlin came into her cell and instead of trying to free her, he tried to sleep with her. I didn’t give it much importance at the time but now I’m thinking WHY didn’t he try to help her?

Firstly, an apology for nattering on about how much I hate Rhysand in this post, he’s great – I take it all back. I thought their relationship would be forced and random but it’s so well thought out and has such a beautiful backstory to it. He’d been dreaming of Feyre since way before they even met and she painted stars on her drawers because of their mating bond. I loved how nicely Sarah planned their entire relationship and how genuine it felt. One scene I found a bit odd was the one with the Weaver – it’s explained later WHY he put Feyre through that but it just felt a bit too much.

Rhysand, however, was a far better leader than Tam. His dedication to his Court and his constant attempts at keeping it safe were truly admirable. I entered this book wanting to hate Rhys but I just couldn’t! He was so wonderful. Caring and smart and kind to Feyre and the rest of his Court. I loved his rapport with Mor and Amren and Cass. Speaking of, they were great! They added so much more to this story and I genuinely loved hearing all of their back stories. I love how Sarah has made three dimensional side characters who are so interesting. My favourite scenes are those where Feyre interacted with the members of the Night Court and just seeing how she fit in with them perfectly.  My personal favourite new character is Mor – she’s fantastic! While she is this epic war goddess, she also says relatable things like:

“Everyone wants to talk-talk-talk,” Mor said, giving a warning glare at Cassian, who had indeed opened his mouth. “Can’t we eat-eat-eat, and then talk?”

Talking about side characters – Tarquin! I loved him! He was so sweet and definitely didn’t deserve the betrayal that he got. </3 I think the Summer Court will definitely come back into the story in later in the series. I hope he still allies with Rhys and Feyre but he may be reluctant after what they did to him here.

Maas manages to balance out both characters and plot in this book. While there is phenomenal character development, there is also significant progression of the plot. I’m really excited by the King of Hybern’s story line. I’m interested to see where it’s going to go. Will all the courts unite against him? Will Tamlin be an idiot again? Will the human queens come back into the picture?! Probably.

The scene when Nesta and Elain transformed into Fae broke my heart. Nesta was so determined to save her sister but she couldn’t and I felt all her anger and her pain through the pages. I was quite shocked when Lucien said that Elain is his mate! Did not see that one coming at all! I wonder how that will come into the story next.

The character that disappointed me most was Lucien. I really liked him in ACOTAR and it was so sad to see him so suppressed by Tamlin and not trying enough to help Feyre, when he understood what she was going through. I was annoyed he didn’t act as a voice of reason to Tamlin who was literally plotting with the devil?? Wot r u doin Lucien?

This book is a perfect blend of epic fantasy, epic action, epic romance. It’s just EPIC! It’s a lot darker than other fantasy books I’ve read but it has the right balance between everything. Sarah J Maas is a fantastic authot and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I’m so excited for A Court of Wings and Ruin. 😀

And I said, “You love me?”
Rhys nodded.
I set the bowl down
before him. “Then eat.”

[There’s no real reason to put that quote here I just found it really funny when I read it xD]

A lot of things happened in this book but these are just some of the things which I wanted to discuss. I’m sorry if this post is a bit all over the place – I just had a lot to say! (Even then, I haven’t covered all the things that happen in this story!)


What did you think of this book? Are you excited for ACOWAR?


One thought on “A Court of Mist and Fury Discussion

  1. This was hands down my favourite book of 2016! I started out the first book and thought it was just ok. Then I started this one and almost put it down. It made me angry. But a friend told me that it all explains itself and I should push through. I slowly became OBSESSED! I too liked Tarquin and wished we got more from Lucien. But Rhysand…….. swoon!


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