Update: Freedom and a New Design!

Hello fellow human beings of the internet! It is I, blogger extraordinaire (lol) back at it again with another blog post.

I’m writing this post to update you on a few things in my life:

  • there will be no more Biweekly recaps – I started the feature so as to get some sort of regularity in my blogging and it has done that yay! But I realized that I say pretty much the same things every week because my life is really boring xD I might do monthly wrap ups but I’m not sure.
  • my exams are over! Today was the last time I wore my school uniform. (If I pass, which hopefully I did) MY SCHOOL LIFE IS OVER! Finallyyy. I’m happy school is over but I’m also not because um, I’m one step closer to being an adult and doing important things and I’m not ready for life yet pls let me go back to third grade thanks
  • I am accepting books for review again! (However I am drowning in a sea of ARCs after my NetGalley spree so it may take a while for me to get to any new books…)
  • (this is the most exciting one) I REDESIGNED MY BLOG! I liked my old header but literally no colours went with it so all my graphics were a dull grey and a dull pink. I wanted something more colourful (unlike my personality) I love my new header! It’s so pretty ❀ I’m not a 100% sold on my background because the arrows don’t really show but it’ll do for now.
    I haven’t really thought about how I want the rest of my graphics to look – just that there’s going to be a LOT more blue! πŸ˜› I’m going to start including the cover of the book in the featured image of my reviews too.
    I don’t know what to do about my old posts. Should I format them to look consistent with the new colours? Maybe I will sometime but it’d take too long to change all of them. I think I’m just going to start posting with new graphics and act like the old grey/pink ones didn’t happen.

That’s about it really. Exams are over. My blog has been revamped. How have you been doing? Anything interesting happening?


5 thoughts on “Update: Freedom and a New Design!

  1. I love the header!! I am working on my header too but I’m slacking! I need more colour in my life! XD And all the best with the arcs!

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    1. Thank you ❀
      I love your current header so much. It’s so pretty! I’m excited to see what you change it too πŸ™‚ Good luck with that!
      Haha yeah i need it xD

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