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Places I Want To Visit Because of Books

One of the best things about reading is that you get to virtually experience different places. With vivid descriptions about the surroundings, readers get transported to so many places from the comfort of our bedrooms. Though fantasy books set in different worlds are great, they don’t exist :/ but books set in the real world have places that we can visit. There are so many places in the world that I feel like I know, because of books. And even though I haven’t been there, they mean so much to me. Here is a list of some places that I want to go to because of books.


Paris – France

Image result for point zero

Image result for shakespeare and company tumblr

Image result for champs elysees movie theater

I’ve talked about how much I want to go to Paris so many times on this blog haha. But the main places I want to visit are Point Zero, the bookshop Shakespeare and Company and French theaters. Anna and the French Kiss is such a cute book but a major part of the book is about what a charming city Paris is. I really want to go to the places Anna and Etienne went to and these are the few which are most significant.

Rome – Italy

Image result for streets of rome

Image result for colosseum tumblr

Image result for gelato in italy

The most recent book that I read which is set in Rome is Love and Gelato which describes the city beautifully. But I’ve actually wanted to go here for a very long time because of the Heroes of Olympus series. There’s so much history and culture in the city and I feel like I know a bit of the mythology so I can appreciate the city even more. Also, gelato. ❤

Prague – Czech Republic

Image result for prague streets

Related image

Though Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a high fantasy series, a lot of the scenes are set in Prague and Laini Taylor described it so beautifully I felt transported to the city and want to live there forever. JUST LOOK IT’S SO PRETTY.

Empire State Building – New York

Related image

Related image

I want to try to find Olympus on the 600th floor. It totally exists don’t even try to tell me otherwise.
But seriously though, so much of the Percy Jackson series takes place in New York that I really want to visit someday!

Blackfriars Bridge – London

Related image

Related image

This bridge has so much significance in The Infernal Devices series and the epilogue of City of Heavenly Fire is set here. I want to just go here and cry over my Jessa feels. (That’s not weird at all, is it?)

King’s Cross Station – London

Image result for kings cross station

Image result for kings cross station platform 9 3/4

I mean, is anyone really surprised at this? Harry Potter is a series that means so much to me and the station is kind of where it all started. It’s where Harry met Ron and finally felt like he was a part of something – the magical world. I also idolize JK Rowling and this is where she first got the idea for Harry Potter, I think I read somewhere so I want to go here one day and feel nostalgic about HP ❤ (And take a picture at platform 9 3/4 of course!)

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What are some places you want to go to because of books? Have you gone to any? Let me know!

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38 thoughts on “Places I Want To Visit Because of Books

    1. Hi! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog posts, I wanted to read your writing so I asked access to your blog but it’s fine if that isn’t cool with you! 🙂
      Also, do you know me in reality? I was wondering because you know my name lol

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    1. The location forms an important part of a lot of stories – I find that really cool 🙂
      I’d love to see what places you want to visit because of your favourite books. 😀
      Sorry for the late reply, for some reason your comment went to spam :/

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  1. Is it too sad that I’ve been to Paris and London but not been to any of the places you mentioned (for Paris) ? I honestly don’t remember whether I visited Blackfriars Bridge or not, and though I’ve been to Kings Cross Station, I was 10 when I visited London but hadn’t read Harry Potter by then so didn’t know the HP reference. The one place I really want to visit is Barcelona, after having read The Shadow of the Wind

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    1. Haha I’m sure your trips were great otherwise also! Oh well, at least you can say you went to King’s Cross.
      I haven’t read The Shadow of the Wind but I want to go to Barcelona too – not for any books, it just looks really nice 😛

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  2. “Shadow of the wind” – Barcelona.
    “Angels and daemons” – Rome
    “The diary of Anne Frank” – Amsterdam
    “Gone with the wind” – Georgia
    “The last emperor” – Beijing
    “Harry Potter” – London….. and a thousand more.

    I have been to all of them. Two things that I love combined – reading and traveling.

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    1. That’s amazing! I’ve seen the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam but the lines were really long so we didn’t end up going inside. :/ I want to someday. Totally forgot to mention that in this list!

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      1. I’ve been to Paris before, just not to these bookish places so maybe Rome? Because it has such a rich culture and so much history. Also Italian food is my fave 😜

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