Indian Web Series Recommendations

I don’t know what you know about India but Indians are great at a lot of different things. Making good TV shows is not one of them.

Typical Indian TV shows include a ginormous family living in a big house and a lot of familial drama. I can’t say for certain whether the situations that are portrayed are accurate but nothing of the sort ever happens in my household for sure! And in general, Indian TV shows drag on for AGES and have soooo many subplots. The other kind of shows which are popular are crime shows like CID or Adaalat. My mum loves crime shows like these and I think some of the cases are quite interesting but overall, they’re pretty cheesy.

Though cheesy, the shows can be entertaining sometimes but the biggest reason why none of my friends watch any is because it’s impossible to relate to anything that happens! All the shows are just not accurate depictions of Indian society today. Or at least, for people close to my age. What I discovered recently is that though we don’t have great TV, there are some really good Indian web series which are available to stream for free on YouTube and or other sites! They’re a lot more interesting than the shows on TV. With the help of some friends, we made a list of some good web series which I want to recommend to you today. If you’re Indian and want something fun to watch – here you go! If you’re not Indian and want something fun to watch – here you go! (They usually speak in English and they have subtitles so don’t worry!)

Note: I haven’t seen all of these shows, but I trust the opinions of the friends who suggested them. 🙂


Image result for alisha youtube fashion detective

Alisha is a ‘fashion detective’ who solves crimes related to fashion, while looking fabulous of course. She moves back to Mumbai from LA and lives with her best friend, Tanny. She finds it hard to land a stable job, given the nature of her unconventional career. Every episode is about a case that she solves – all of them are very interesting. Alisha also gets these anonymous texts from someone who is watching her and trying to ruin her. This is a really fun show! There are tons of jokes, and light moments along with really fascinating cases. The finale was a bit of a cop-out but before I loved everything that happened before it!

Girl in the City

Related image

Meera has a passion for fashion and so, moves to Mumbai from Dehradun to intern at a design house. Her parents, who didn’t understand that she has bigger plans for her life than living with then and getting married, allow her to live in Mumbai for three months. The show follows her adjusting to her new life in Mumbai, living with her best friend, her hot neighbour, and about all her work drama. It’s a really fun show with a lot of great characters.

The Trip

Image result for the trip bindass

This show is about an epic bachelorette road trip from India to Bangkok. It’s Ananya’s wedding and she goes on this trip with her two best friends from school, Nazia and Shonali and her new best friend Sanjana. Road trip movies/books/TV shows are always a lot of fun and this is no exception! However, it’s not all fun and games as through this trip they find out a lot more about each other become a lot closer. I don’t think there are enough shows featuring strong female friendships but this is a great one. ❤

Permanent Roommates

Image result for permanent roommates

Tanya and Mikesh are in a long distance relationship. Mikesh comes to visit Tanya from the US and then, unexpectedly, proposes! Tanya freaks out because though they have been together for a while, she feels they don’t know each other well enough as the closest they had come to physical contact was Skype. They decide to live together before they feel ready to get married. This show is HILARIOUS. There are so many funny moments though it’s a bit cheesy, it’s a lot of fun. Mikesh is the cutest character and he’s so sweet – a perfect balance to surly, sarcastic Tanya. I love the dynamic of their relationship.


Related image

Tripling follows three siblings who aren’t very close. They go on a road trip and through the journey, learn a lot about each other and settle their differences. I haven’t seen this one but I have friends who love it. I love when books/shows/movies show sibling relationships (I don’t have one though :/ #onlychildproblems) so I think I’ll really enjoy this.

Better Life Foundation

Related image

The Better Life Foundation is an NGO and this is a ‘mockumentary’ about how it’s run. It’s apparently similar to The Office but I haven’t seen that so I don’t know. I’ve watched one episode of this so far and I found it really funny!


Image result for pitchers tvf

Another show I haven’t watched though my friends have badgered me about it a lot! For this, I’m just taking the summary from Wikipedia as it’s done a better job explaining the plot than I can:

Four friends, Naveen Bansal (Naveen), Jitendra Maheshwari (Jitu), Yogendra Kumar (Yogi) and Saurabh Mandal (Mandal), enter the business world by launching their own start-up company. Naveen becomes angry for not getting a project from the company in which he works, gets drunk and resigns.He faces a dilemma when he is offered a position in a branch office located in Beijing.He leaves for the airport but upon reaching there he realises that he is not destined for routine jobs. At the same time, he receives news of his “B-Plan” reaching the final of the NASSCOM start-up conclave. This sets off a chain of events in which the four rediscover what they really want in life, and face challenges in getting their start-up idea off the ground.

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I hope this gave you something new to watch! Do your countries make good TV shows? Are there any web series/shows from your countries you’d like to recommend? I want something new to watch so do let me know! 🙂


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