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Why I love YA – the best genre of all time ever

Since I’m 17 and a young adult, I am a huge fan of the Young Adult genre and I read almost exclusively YA. Because of my age, I obviously find it easier to relate to the characters, but I think YA is a genre anyone can enjoy.

why I love

Inconsequential drama is FUN!

Most YA books are full of angst and drama because teenagers say and do stupid things sometimes (most of the time :P). It’s entertaining to read, a lot of fun and I love it!

Adults read for entertainment, Young Adults read for experience

Books to me are more than just a source of entertainment – they are a means of experiencing things that I cannot otherwise. As a student, the most I travel is to school and back but by reading, I can travel anywhere, really.

I’ve learnt a lot from reading – about friends and family and people, in general. By reading what characters have done, it’s like a how-to guide on things to do and things to not do around other humans. I also think that I’m a lot more empathetic because of the different kinds of people I’ve read in books.


I’m seventeen and I want to know what other seventeen year olds are doing. A lot, apparently, is what I can tell from the books I’ve read. Harry Potter literally saved the world at my age. What am I doing with my life… *existential crisis*

But seriously though, I live vicariously through the books I read about other teenagers because I have no life. *endless tears*

There are no taboo topics

Teenagers are at the age where they understand more about the world and start to have opinions about things, which is why there are no taboo topics or things that shouldn’t be discussed in YA. I’ve read books with abuse, rape, suicide and a lot of other heavy topics. In adult fiction, these same topics are dealt with differently but in YA you see more of how to deal with tough situations and what should be done, which is important for people my age to know.

A great way of raising awareness

I’d rather read storybooks than textbooks so if you can fit in a biology lesson about mental health and disorders into a book – I’m all for it! YA is geared towards teenagers who are very impressionable and the books we read, the TV shows and movies we watch are the best mediums to get a message through in a way that is impactful.

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These are points that I thought up, at the top of my head but I’m sure there are more! Do you like YA? Do you have anything to add to my list? Do you agree with any of these points?


4 thoughts on “Why I love YA – the best genre of all time ever

  1. Wow! I’m super impressed with your post! I’m fresh out of college and I’m just beginning to fall back into the YA genre. I feel as though the themes are just so relatable and so many different ideas are explored, especially romance and “finding yourself”. I recently finished Sad Girls by Lang Leav and I found it a wonderful coming-of-age novel with a chilling twist!
    Happy reading 😀


  2. What a great post! I think you’ve nailed some of the reasons YA is so popular, even with supposed “adults.” The world we live in can be overwhelming, and YA makes it feel a little more manageable because it does offer a little more guidance than adult fiction usually does. Maybe? It’s a theory. 😉


  3. I used to love YA when I was 15-17… Then I started to sort of grow away from it, because I thought that the genre has too many similarities. Now I rarely ever read YA and I prefer adult fiction. But I do agree it’s quite relatable, and fun to read!


  4. It’s been a while since I was a teenager however I still absolutely LOVE YA. For whatever reason, I still find YA more relatable than the more adult books. I find YA to be more fun and out there, I love how characters like Harry Potter are saving the world – it gives me so much inspiration (not to save the world exactly, but to be fearless). I also find YA talks about important issues as well, and a lot of the characters are find themselves. When I was 17 I was too busy trying to be cool (and failing MISERABLY), I wish I had read more!!! This is a great post, and I agree with everything that you are saying 🙂


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