May Wrap Up

I’ve never done a wrap up before but why not, am I right? These are all the books I read this month along with a few lines describing them. (I will figure out how to write wrap ups by next month, I promise xD)





Liked it, though not as much as I did before. Also I don’t like this cliche new NA cover :/

ARCs that I need to review but haven’t because lazy (I will though. soon.):


I loved the characters and the plot but it did have some issues. Full thoughts in an upcoming review!


NOPE NOPE nOpE. I didn’t like this book at all. Full thoughts to come in my review.


Kind of a bizarre read. Expected something like the Lunar Chronicles but got something completely different. Mixed feelings about it!


ONE THAT I ACTUALLY REVIEWED! A cute story but overall kind of disappointing because I had high expectations :/ Didn’t love the characters at all. Review here.

All the other books I read this month:


The Carrie Diaries in a modern setting. Super fun! So cute! Now I want to go to New York.


Such a lovely conclusion to this adorable series. I’m gonna miss Peter and Lara Jean so much. Wish there was an epilogue though, but still loved it!


ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Why did I put off reading this so long?! So excited for Our Dark Duet!


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. So much happens. Rhysand is awesome. Feyre is awesome. It dragged on a little bit at times but it was GREAT ❤


To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would so that sucks. Would still recommend it, just wasn’t my thing. Felt kind of bored because of how long it was and not much happened.


Haven’t read a murder mystery book in so long and this did not disappoint. So much thought went into these characters and this story. Loved it!


I love Apollo. I love Leo. I love Meg. Great plot, great characters, interesting story and ALL THE LOLS. I laughed out loud sooo many times while reading this!

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Sooo. This is my first wrap up and it’s an absolute mess, I know xD But overall, I had a great reading month.

What was the best book you read this month?


6 thoughts on “May Wrap Up

  1. Ahhh you read so many books!! I ADORE the Lara Jean series so much and I need to read the third book aghhhh. I am greatly considering rereading the first two books too haha but #notime. I also really need to read ACOWAR! I’m so glad you loved it. And yes, SO excited for Our Dark Duet as well eeeeep! 🙈 I hope you have a great June!


  2. I still haven’t read P.S. I still love you but after I think I will binge read the whole trilogy soon! I’m glad you had a great bookish month, I hope June treats you the same. ❤


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