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Mistake No. 7 by Laura Avery // wtf is this story?!

351085411.5 stars

Publication Date: May 19th, 2017

I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes with men. – #married, #bad boy, #narcissist … you get the idea

In fact, mistake no.6 just dumped me, and boy, do I need a break from men. My best friend won’t have it though, she knows “the sweetest guy” for me… no thanks!

You see, I like my men with an edge, and sweet won’t cut it. Take my English lit professor Rick Carter for example, he’s not your typical professor. He’s smoking hot, and when I’m at his lectures… well, let’s just say that English lit is the last thing on my mind, #squirming in seat.

Of course, he’s just a fantasy, a dirty little daydream, I mean I’m 21 and he’s at least 32 and we move in different circles, in fact, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know I exist.
There’s no way he could ever turn out to be mistake no.7… is there?

I was provided an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I hated this book. The student-teacher romance grossed me out and the awkward dialogue made me cringe. I don’t like NA that much anymore and the fact that it’s a student-teacher romance is written in the description – I have no idea why I requested this book but I did. And I didn’t like it. And I’ll admit – it’s partly my fault because I requested without properly reading the description.

Anyway, coming to the story: (mild spoilers but well, you can pretty much tell what the story is from the description anyway)

Becca is a student who needs some quick cash (don’t we all?) so she decides to register on a website for a company (which should be called ShadyTM) as a maid. Rick Carter, an English professor at Becca’s college, just moved in to a new house woo! But it’s hella dirty so guess what he needs to clean things up? A maid! He goes on ShadyTM which is a company that connects you with maids. But not just any maids. This is a website that asks you to fill out a form where you specify what kind of hair, body type and skin colour you want your maid to have – why the fuck is that important information when you’re looking for someone to clean your house?! And not just that, oh no, ShadyTM requires that the maids wear really skimpy outfits while working but since they’re oh so professional – they have a strict rule against client-maid relationships. What the fuck is this company. I cannot take this book seriously.

Of course, Rick is thinking of his hot student who’s perpetually daydreaming (Becca) while filling out the form. And just his luck – she’s registered on the website too! Who would have guessed? They get matched up. Becca goes to his house, does her thing in her extremely skimpy outfit. They magically fall in love, there are a few complications and then they live happily ever after.

That is literally the story. Not even kidding.

This book is told in two points of view – Becca’s and Rick’s. Becca is a character who felt very flat for me. She had no personality and her narration was quite boring. Her entire life revolves around the guys she dates and the guys she daydreams about. She was very one-dimensional. Rick, on the other hand, was quite opinionated and had a stronger personality than Becca. Yet I didn’t like his narration either because the thoughts he had about his students were disgusting. 

Becca lives with her roommate, Tess, who was fun to read about and I liked their friendship and how supportive they were of each other. There is a random side plot of Tess setting Becca up with a boy that she likes. (because of course, when you’re interested in someone, you set them up with your friend. #logic) I didn’t really understand what the point of that was? but ok?

My biggest issue with this story was how uncomfortable I felt reading Rick’s thoughts about his students. It felt like he was objectifying them, which is so wrong. But even apart from that, this book was not without flaws. The dialogue throughout the story was sooo cheesy and unrealistic and made me cringe so much. Becca and Rick barely know each other but they fall head over heels for each other in 3 seconds. Insta-love at its absolute worst! The sex scenes were really awkward to read. I think I just skimmed through the last 15% of it because I could not handle the ridiculousness of this story.

Rick’s sister makes a cameo which was unnecessary. Another random side plot just for kicks!

Something I did like about this book was that it was short and easy to read – I flew through this in a couple of hours. (However, it could have been even shorter if it didn’t have so many random subplots.)

Overall – terrible dialogue, flat, boring characters and bad execution of a student-teacher relationship.



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