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How To Kill The Blogging Slump

You might or might not have notice but this month I’ve been very inactive when it comes to blogging. I’ve only posted four times, I haven’t read/liked/commented on too many posts and have just not been around the blogosphere. For the first two weeks of July, I was not in town, didn’t have my laptop and had terrible internet, which is why I couldn’t blog as much, but since the 15th of July, I’ve been at home. I had a few things to do but most of my time has been spent sitting idly watching TV show after TV show and being super unproductive. Everyday, I think – I should write something today. But when I open my laptop, I end up marathon-ing Game of Thrones or Jane The Virgin and promising to write something the next day. I was in a terrible blogging slump. No matter what, I just couldn’t bring myself to write!

Today, in an attempt to kill my own blogging slump, I thought I’d share some 10000% accurate scientifically proven methods (lol) to kill the blogging slump (but don’t kill it cos murder is illegal).wedding

Take a break

This is not a tip for myself because any break I take seems to last for 84 years. BUT I get it. Sometimes blogging and writing in general, is overwhelming. So it’s good to take breaks for your own sanity. Once your break is done, you’ll feel refreshed and revitalized and ready to take over the world! (or whatever percentage of the world the blogosphere consists of)

Make a list of blog post ideas

One of the biggest things that stops me from wanting to blog is not knowing what to blog about. When you don’t feel like blogging, just make a list of things you could write about. One of them is sure to spark your imagination and make your fingers fly through your keyboard. I recommend you to make a list of ideas even if you are not in a slump because it’s good to keep some ideas for a rainy day when you’re feeling particularly uninspired.

Read other people’s blogs

I opened the WordPress app on my phone last week after god knows how long! There were so many blog posts from almost all of the bloggers I follow. Reading what other people wrote and commenting and interacting with other bloggers is so motivating. I especially love reading discussion posts because they always instigate different trains of thought in my mind.

Do a tag/meme

Another thing I do when I don’t know what to write about: google random words and add the words ‘book tag’ after it. You will find that there is a book tag for pretty much everything, we book bloggers/booktubers are pretty creative. Tags and memes don’t take that long to write and don’t require too much effort so they’re always my go-to for when I don’t feel like writing but still want to get something up!

Just. Write. Something.

It doesn’t have to be perfect! You don’t even have to post it anywhere. Just put your pen onto paper (or your fingers on your keyboard, as the case may be) and write! Enjoy the rush you get from giving life to the letters of the alphabet in the form of interesting discussions, thoughtful reviews or random rambles. I’ve noticed that whenever I write after a long time, I am reminded of why I love it.

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Have you ever been in a blogging slump? What are some of your tips on ending a slump?


5 thoughts on “How To Kill The Blogging Slump

  1. Lovely tips! Whenever I feel a slump coming, it really helps me to read other bloggers’ posts and discussions, or read back on my own blog posts, to sparkle the need to talk about books again. Taking a break does wonders as well, it’s good sometimes to step back, forget a little bit about it and come back refreshed 🙂

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    1. Reading other blog posts is such a great way to remind yourself about how great blogging is! And yes, breaks are necessary because blogging is quite hard work 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I always go for a good old fashioned review when ending a blogging slump… not too exciting, but at least I’ll have an idea of what I plan on writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I find it so hard to write reviews in general that I don’t even think about them when I’m in a slump ahaha 😂 I just can’t get past ‘it was good. I liked it’ 😛
      That’s great that you do though! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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