Why do I blog?

I’m Shoto, another bibliophile. 🙂

I love books and this blog is a result of several failed blogs.
I’m a massive quitter and tend to quit most things I start. In the short term of my 15 years, I’ve managed to start and quit ballet, bharatnatiyam (a classical Indian dance), vocal lessons, drawing lessons, Carnatic music, kathak (another classical Indian dance) and most recently guitar lessons (though I’m going to start them again).
I’ve been blogging since the fifth grade. I’ve made no less than 8 blogs in the past five years. And I’ve quit every. single. one of them. It’s really embarrassing, I know. Then again, their content is super cringeworthy too, so I think I can be forgiven. There was a time when all I wrote about was the struggle of homework and how much I hated school, then came my Harry Potter blog, then came the time when I was far too open with my blog, then I started this blog as my diary(like all diaries, someone I know found it. It was terrible), then a blog just for my thoughts and random things.
I realised recently that as much as I loved blogging, I didn’t care much for what I was blogging about. I was in love with the fact that I was writing, not with what I was writing.
So I deleted and/or privated all my blogs, and started this one. I love books. I love blogging. Put them together and we get –
Which is exactly what I’m doing here.

This is where I’m going to post reviews, discussions, hauls, random things and other book related madness!

A lot of my friends don’t really like to read, so this is perfect for me to express my opinions on books. Reading other peoples blogs and their thoughts is also very interesting. I read primarily YA which a lot of people on book blogs seem to enjoy as well which is great. I’ll also get suggestions for what to and what not to read! I’m hoping that as time passes, my writing will also improve.

So that’s the not so interesting story behind the creation of this blog. I hope that since I’m finally blogging about something I’m passionate about (books), I can finally quit quitting things. Oh wait. Then I’d still be quitting.


73 thoughts on “Why do I blog?

  1. Hey! I stumbled upon your site by chance…saw your latest post in which you wrote that you had to study Merchant of Venice for two years in school? Well, same here! 9th and 10th grade Shakespeare 🙂 I love making blogger friends, but haven’t met a lot of Indian book bloggers, so hello there!
    And, this is a wild guess – but your name sounds Bengali. Am I right? 😀

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    1. Hi! Yes, ICSE English was the best 🙂 I am Bengali, the name is a big giveaway 😛 Anushka, however could be a name from anywhere.
      I’ve met just one other Indian book blogger (tons of Indian fashion bloggers though) so hi! I hope we can bond over dal chawal 😛

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  2. Hey! I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award and tagged you for the Fall Time Cozy Time Book Tag! You can view the post here. You can either do one or both or you can choose to ignore it if you’ve already done it! 🙂
    P.S. Love your blog!

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    1. I haven’t done either haha. I’m so behind on all of these tag/award posts it’s ridiculous xD Thanks for the nomination, I’ll get to this soon! 😀


    1. Yes, I’m loving book blogging! I love being able to talk about books with other people who don’t think fantasy is “lame” as some people I know tell me time and time again. I do sometimes go a long time without writing anything but it’s never intentional, I just don’t feel in the mood sometimes 😔
      Do you like to book blog as well? 🙂

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      1. That’s awesome! I don’t even try talking about books to most people anymore as I know the reaction will be the look and a long sigh… Sigh… 😉 I completely understand that!
        Absolutely! Book blogging is the third best thing in my life, my dog being the first and books being the second. XD

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      2. I’ll hopefully be more active next year. I’ve made a schedule and everything! 😛 But you know what they say, there’s no nation like procrastination xD

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      3. XD That sounds awesome! If you stay determined, I’m sure you can do it. I’m a big procrastinator too sometimes; usually I post when I’m sitting around doing nothing and I feel guilty about it haha! What is your schedule liek? I’m curious!

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      4. It has something planned for every day! Write a review on Monday/Tuesday, upload on Wednesday. Write Top Ten Tuesday posts in advance and schedule them (sometimes I write them and forget to upload :P)

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      5. Haha, I just have a plan, let’s see how well I follow through with it xD Best of luck to you and Nikki for following a schedule. 😛 Do you write posts together or separately? I’ve always been fascinated with how it works when multiple people run a single blog 😮

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      6. Haha, thanks! Fingers crossed!
        Well, most of the time we write separate posts, because Nikki is extremely busy and I am always busy when she’s not for some reason, XD but we always talk about each other and we do things like tags and awards and reviews together. It is nice having someone to share e weight with. 🙂

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      7. That’s awesome! That way your blog is always active and it’s fun to have someone to share blog ideas back and forth with, right? 🙂

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      8. Exactly! Besides, the blog was all Nikki’s idea, so I wouldn’t even be having this conversation with you if we weren’t co-bloggers. I’d like to become a lot closer to other bloggers, though! 🙂 I’ve made a few friends, but for some insane reason I’m still a bit stingy about following people. Mostly because I usually follow on Bloglovin’, and if I don’t love all their posts, then that is a LOT of spam, but still!

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      9. I really like talking to people on here! Everyone is really nice. I’m not terribly close go anyone either though. I follow blogs that like similar books to me, or post interesting stuff. I don’t have Bloglovin’ but it seems like a good way to find blogs, right?

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      10. Absolutely! I feel so safe in the blogging community; so far I haven’t met any mean or distant people. XD Right!
        Okay, I could preach about Bloglovin’. I really could. I won’t, but I’ll tell you just a couple of things!
        1) It’s extremely easy to meet new people!
        2) You never miss any posts because it keeps track of your unread ones.
        3) It looks cool!

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  3. Omg shotobhisha!
    Just read like almost all of your blogs!
    (You should be happy and proud )
    And it was soooo good though i dint read like more than half of the books you mentioned 😛
    But now i feel like reading them all!!! (But lets b honest it will take me years to read all of that!)
    Anyway keep blogging!
    And i will keep reading! 😀

    Ps.guess who 😛 xoxo

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  4. Hi Shoto!

    Would you be open to reviewing The Water Travelers? It’s YA fiction/fantasy/romance! I put the link and bio below as well if you’re interested!

    BIO: Adventure finds those who are brave enough to take the first step.

    Aaron never wanted to pursue kingship, but his care for the lives of his people forced him toward it. When his father, The King of Upitar, sends him on a quest to find a girl who was prophesied long ago to destroy their world, Aaron finds himself fighting the option of running away forever or fulfilling his destiny as the Heir of Upitar.

    By water traveling, a gift his people have that allows them to go back and forth between their world and Earth through water, Aaron starts this adventure with thousands of thoughts and questions racing around his head.

    While on his journey, he inadvertently meets the very girl he’s sent to kill, Madalyne Harper. Without knowing it’s her, an unlikely romance between the sarcastic and daring Madalyne Harper begins to flourish with the rebellious and curious, Prince Aaron Archien. As they grow closer, Aaron begins to learn of secrets within the Harper family regarding water travelers. Wanting to learn more, and wanting an excuse to hang out with Madi, Aaron continues to delay his original mission. As family problems and outside forces press down on them, Aaron and Madi soon find themselves running away together.

    Everything between them is great until Aaron learns the girl he has connected so well with is the same girl he’s going to have to kill…



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    1. The summary of your book has highly intrigued me and I would love read and review it sometime! Right now however, I’m quite busy with my life outside my books which I sometimes forget exists. Also I can’t buy your book from Amazon because my Kindle is malfunctioning. If it’s available anywhere else, please do inform me 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot Summer 🙂 I’m going to make sure to do this before I have nine piled up like you 😉 [I already have two I must get started!!]

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