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My thoughts on DNF reviews

Ever since I started book blogging and discovering so many great stories, I’ve started DNF-ing books more. If a book doesn’t pique my interest, why continue reading when there are so many others I would rather be reading? Everyone has different reasons for not finishing books, the most common one being they just didn’t like…… Continue reading My thoughts on DNF reviews

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How To Kill The Blogging Slump

You might or might not have notice but this month I’ve been very inactive when it comes to blogging. I’ve only posted four times, I haven’t read/liked/commented on too many posts and have just not been around the blogosphere. For the first two weeks of July, I was not in town, didn’t have my laptop…… Continue reading How To Kill The Blogging Slump

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Mistake No. 7 by Laura Avery // wtf is this story?!

1.5 stars Publication Date: May 19th, 2017 I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes with men. – #married, #bad boy, #narcissist … you get the idea In fact, mistake no.6 just dumped me, and boy, do I need a break from men. My best friend won’t have it though, she knows “the sweetest…… Continue reading Mistake No. 7 by Laura Avery // wtf is this story?!