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How To Kill The Blogging Slump

You might or might not have notice but this month I’ve been very inactive when it comes to blogging. I’ve only posted four times, I haven’t read/liked/commented on too many posts and have just not been around the blogosphere. For the first two weeks of July, I was not in town, didn’t have my laptop…… Continue reading How To Kill The Blogging Slump

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Lies I’ve Told Myself As A Blogger

 “I can totally write a review in 10 minutes.” “The book is gonna be published in 3 days? I can definitely read and review it before it’s out.” “It doesn’t bother me at all that reviews are my least viewed posts but the ones I put the most effort into.” “I’m going to draft and…… Continue reading Lies I’ve Told Myself As A Blogger

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Thoughts I’ve Had As A Book Blogger

“OMG A COMMUNITY FULL OF READERS?!? PLS ACCEPT ME!” “How does one get ARCs?” “Is there really a book review to discussion ratio? What is it…” “Why didn’t I get approved for that ARC?” “How can some bloggers post every day? Sometimes I can’t even post every week lol.” “My blog is so pretty!” <3…… Continue reading Thoughts I’ve Had As A Book Blogger

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Confessions of a Bibliophile

When I first made this blog, it was titled ‘Confessions of a Bibliophile.’ I titled it that because I wanted it to sound like Confessions of a Shopaholic or Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen which are both movies I love. However, I didn’t really confess…anything? At all. Ever. xD Though I have a new…… Continue reading Confessions of a Bibliophile