Rating Guide

In all the reviews on this blog, I mention a rating for the book in stars. I go by a .5 star increment. I currently have a 4.0 average rating on Goodreads so as you can see, I am quite easily pleased 😛 This is my explanation to my rating system.

5 stars: Perfect

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Perfect. I loved the story, writing and characters. These are the books that deeply impacted me, whether it’s by making me think or reflect on my life or by keeping me laughing hysterically. They’re the ones that tugged at my heartstrings and my emotions and I just have a lot of feelings about them. These are the books that make my all time favourite lists and I would 100% recommend them to everyone.

4.5-4 stars: Very Good

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Almost perfect. I loved most parts of it but there were minor flaws – either I didn’t connect with the characters, or didn’t like the writing or the book had a slow start. In any case, I still really enjoyed them, and would recommend them.

3.5-3 stars: Good

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These are the books which I enjoyed, but not as much as a four star book. They may be lacking in some element. In most cases, these are the books where I like the story but not the writing. I don’t feel as attached to the characters, and the story didn’t make me feel much. However, I do appreciate most aspects of the book so I would still recommend them.

2.5-2: Okay

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I have always said that a story is more important than it’s writing, however in some cases, the writing is just unreadable. Either the dialogue is extremely unrealistic, or the language is full of errors or the story just doesn’t make any sense. These are the books I feel ambivalent about – there are some major flaws but I don’t strongly hate them.

1.5-1: Bad

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These are the books that I either a) did not finish because it hurt my eyes or b) finished and totally regretted it. I hated most aspects of the book, if not all and do not recommend.

0.5-0: Horrible!

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I’ve never given this low a rating because I do think that the effort authors put in make them deserve at least one star. This rating is saved for books that are offensive and disgusting, have terrible storylines and vile characters. The books that I think are absolutely horrible and should not exist.